Best Automatic Watches under
This Review Today is by our Trusted Product Expert"Mike Ryans"

if you are not having at least one automatic watch you are missing out. Collectors are crazy about these watches not only because of their style wich makes you more manly if you are interested in looking more manly you should check out article How to look more manly and masculine.
but these whates also have great Value but also because of their Craftsmanship and extreme Durability these watches seem to be very expensive which is why I gathered the best automatic watches under $500 for You.

How does An Automatic Watch Work?

An automatic watch is a mechanical powered watch (no battery) that receives energy through movement. It is called automatic because, unlike the conventional mechanical movement, which requires winding (spinning the crown manually) to fill the power, automatic movement will automatically gain power through movement, which can also be done by wearing the watch on your wrist and it receives power from the motion of your wrist. Some automatic movements, especially the more expensive ones, feature what is called manual wind, in which you can fill the power by winding it like non-automatic mechanical watch.

Is it worthwhile to own an automatic watch?

In my view it's the only type of watch worth owning. We are surrounded by ways to tell time, most of them digital, quartz or atomic driven, all mechanisms that are both complex and ubiquitous. An automatic watch is a small machine, relatively simple, often with moving parts that you can observe, a machine that requires the input of your motion to function. In that sense it's almost alive. One owns a quartz watch but you have a relationship with an automatic watch.
It really depends on why you’re buying it.

1.If your main concern is keeping accurate time, go quartz. No mechanical watch can match quartz accuracy, and a quartz movement has fewer potential failure points to deal with.

2.If your interest is in supporting the traditional craft of watchmaking, or you just appreciate mechanical engineering and things that tick, an automatic watch is probably less hassle than a manually-wound one.

3.If you find yourself in a situation where you’re going to need to flaunt some social status, you’re probably going to have to buy one just to be taken seriously. Unless you’re a high-level business executive, this is probably never going to come up.

4.If you have a weird fetish for tiny chips of synthetic ruby, an automatic watch should satisfy that. But then so would a bag of cheap synthetic rubies from a jewelers’ supply company, so use your judgement

Can an automatic watch last a lifetime?

It can last a few lifetimes if u take proper care of it. Parts will wear part eventually so u need to replace them. But regular maintaiance can extend the life of the watch. I’m still wearing my grandfathers universal Geneve watch. It’s made in 1930s. Still going well..

What are 3 things you should absolutely not do with your automatic watch

1.There is no such thing as a waterproof watch and water resistancy is measured under ideal circumstances. A watch that is water resistant is not chemical resistant, meaning shampoo, soap, chlorine, etc can damage a watch beyond repair. So can temperature variations and dirt/sewage or salt in natural water environments. Therefore, I always encourage readers to take off their watch unless required.

2. Time isn’t always accurate. There is no automatic watch as accurate as your smartphone, computer or quartz (battery-operated) watch. Assuming that your new expensive timepiece is flawlessly accurate can have unfortunate consequences when you find out it isn’t.

3.Automatic timepieces, like anything require care. Some of these watches have hundreds of small parts that must all work together in order for the watch to function. Many of the more expensive timepieces are handcrafted by skilled watchmakers who have spent a lifetime perfecting their craft. It’s great if someone is handy and enjoys fixing things, but trying to fix or maintain your own watch can be a recipe for disaster. Always have it looked at by someone authorized to work on it, or someone with the experience and skill set to ensure it doesn’t just become a pretty paperweight.