How to Create a Men's Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Men's Wardrobe

We all know from experiences that a Man's Wardrobe Can Be A Mess That Is Why We Created A Year-Round Checklist For Men's Casual Capsule Wardrobe With A Full Guide And All The Essentials for you that you don't have to search every morning for your or your belt

why should you organize your warddrobe?

Beause it is much easier to find your clothes if it is organized if we all know this example in the moning you wake up want to go to work open your wardrobe and it is a mess it is impossible to find something in that mess so you have to try something on and if that didn't fit try another so the best way to start a wardrobe is to just dive in. And the key to a good wardrobe is this: A wardrobe is built, not bought. What we mean by this is that a great wardrobe takes time to build. Sure you can go out on a shopping spree and buy a bunch of great things, but a great wardrobe is built over time. This being said, you want to create your wardrobe like you would create a house; with a solid foundation. And the perfect foundation is one great outfit you can wear almost anywhere to any event. So here’s an idea for what the perfect base for your wardrobe should be.

how to simplify men's wardrobe

first things to put in the line if you like simpler things it is totally fine some like more complex while others like a simple and minimalistic look it all depends on your style and lifestyle but if you want a simpler look you can achieve that by the list below put off al the unnecessary clothes that you don't need aside from a

2.and by try only to keep the most important things like shirts and jeans that you use every day can also achieve a simpler look by following the instructions dawn below on how to organize your wardrobe

4.try to pack adjust your clothes by seasons if it is summer you can put your winter jackets away and only have shirts and if it is winter you can put away your shits and shorts this sometimes is hard but it pays off if you want to have the results

What are some effective ways of arranging a wardrobe?

1. Store parts you almost never use on higher shelves Use the "warm, warm, or cold" method. If the object is used constantly, it is warm and needs to be in an easily accessible location. If the use is eventual, it can be stored in a not very accessible place. And if usage is rare, it can put on more difficult access places.

2. Separate clothes by types Blouse with blouse. Pants with trousers. Dressed in dress. And so it goes, with all the pieces. It gets organized, visually more beautiful and it's just eye-catching for you to find the part you need.

3. Organize clothes by color After you've sorted out the pieces by type, how about arranging by color? Doubts? Just think of the sequence of rainbow colors, or, even easier, visualize a box of colored pencils. The organization is visually more elegant and attractive - and again makes it easier to find a piece.

4. Make tabs in underwear drawers The best way to keep underwear is in drawers and preferably in hives for easy viewing of parts.

5. Save your items in organizer boxes

Best Men's Casual Capsule Wardrobe Checklist Essentials

My assumption is that you're looking to build a new wardrobe that will stay fresh and stylish for a while. Remember that consumer choices communicate a lot to other individuals. That is not to say, pour all kinds of effort into your ensemble each day. Just remeber that in building a wardrobe, consider what you want to portray and purchase items based on the value you see these items providing in the long term.
If you're anything like me, you'd see your wardrobe as an investment. Having a fashionable, timeless, and dependable wardrobe is a worth spending substantial amounts on. That way after several years, you'll have a number of fabulous pieces and plenty of solid basics to mix and match. Assuring that no matter what you put on any given day, you'll always look presentable and stylish.
Having said that, start with the basics and Essentials.

1.A Proper Tailored Suit.

This is something that is very basic and important to a man’s wardrobe. This gives you a really sharp look. Always remember do get a tailored suit. I would prefer a less expensive suit but tailored properly than wearing any lavish suit. I think navy, grey and black are the best options. But you are free

2. Solid black or white t-shirt

Now this is something that is very easy to throw on. You can match it with denims, chinos sometimes casually with blazers. And yes it catches eyesight. People(and by that I mean girls) pay attention to it..

3. White sneakers

here’s no reason to miss out on the latest trend hairstyles just because you have thin hair there are trendy hair styles only for guys with thin hair like Sleek Side Part. All you have to do is tailor them to suit your hair type. The pompadour is one such style that can easily be altered to suit thin strands better. Instead of trying to fake a full head of hair, just scale the style down to work for you. A small pompadour can look just as stylish as a large one and is possible to create with fine hair.

4. Chinos

You can do it casually or with formals it always works. This makes you look sharp and edgy. A well tapered chino is a great treasure in a man’s wardrobe.

5. Denims

mens Capsule wardrobe

you abviously need it. Denims look great and gives you a good street look. Either it is a denim jacket or denim jeans it always looks best when put on well. Remember one thing. Everything I m writing here about should fit you properly. Do have atleast a dark or light blue and a black denim jean. And atleast a denim shirt or jacket

6. A sophisticated and professional-looking suit

mens Capsule wardrobe

While not everyone works in a law-firm or high-end business that demands full business dress, there are times in life where it's fitting to dress formally. Whether you're attending a wedding, funeral, or super important job interview, you must have at least one suit in your wardrobe.
There's no need to break the bank when buying a suit. There are plenty of great brands that offer high-quality suits at an affordable price. Once you've found a suit you like, invest some money into getting it tailored to your unique body shape. A suit is the modern man's coat of armor, and your wardrobe is incomplete without one.

7. Jackets

mens Capsule wardrobe

Ok. So this is something that is very very important to me. I think really looks nice and people too notice it. It is abviously an eye catcher. It gives you a really nice look and when you throw it on a it just kills. Either its a bomber or something else it always helps.

8. Accessories

mens Capsule wardrobe

Look, I m the kind of guy who believe in this. Accessories do help you get a bit extra stylish. They play a major role in you overall clothing. It can be watches,rings,chains,bracelets etc. we have an list collest gadgets for men and we got also a list about best Accessories for traveling

9. A Watch

mens Capsule wardrobe

Watches are one of the few pieces of jewelry that any man can wear that is universally acceptable. Other jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets will have their detractors (myself included). So for that reason alone, a watch is an accessory that every man should have. From a practical perspective, they are also nice for telling the date and time. But obviously not as required now that we’re carrying smartphones around with us all day long. Just like I discussed in the series intro, there’s something amazing about owning a finely crafted piece of history and engineering perfection you should check out our Best automatic watches nder 500$ and crrju thin wrist watch.

WHAT TYPE OF WATCH TO WEAR WITH WHAT OUTFITS? Suit = Dress Watch – you should never, ever wear a diving/chronograph/sport watch or anything but a leather or other hide strap with a suit. It drives me crazy when I see metal bracelets or nato straps with suits because they’re so casual in nature and they take away from the formality of a suit. It’s a SUPER amateur move. Business Casual or casual outfits – Dress watch or Sport watch with a metal bracelet, leather/nato/rubber band. You can also wear a dress watch with them, but it depends on how “polished” your casual outfit is. If you’re in shorts and flip flops, that might not look right with a dress watch.


mens Capsule wardrobe

The first thing every man should have in his closet is a good pair sunglasses.A good pair of frames that suits his face.I think a good pair of sunglasses is essential for everyman who is trying to look sharp and sexy.It should be of any brands like aviators or wafers find whatever suits you best you only need one that should rock in your collection we recommend that you get one of william painter sunglasses we write an article about them check them out.


I’ve been asked this quite a few times and I think you should own 2-3 pairs. This will ensure your sunglasses will look appropriate with whatever outfit you’re wearing – no matter what. While you can use just 1 pair, I would recommend at least two to be safe.

DO I NEED TO MATCH SUNGLASSES TO MY OUTFIT? You don’t technically need to match them to your outfit, but there’s an argument to be made for it, which I’ll get into in the next section.

WHAT COLOR SUNGLASSES SHOULD I HAVE? In order to cover you for all outfits and seasons, you should own a black pair and tortoise shell pair. If you want crazier colors then you should definitely get them, but only AFTER you’ve got the basics covered.


1.Tony Stark, Iron Man Sunglasses
2.FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses
3.Versace VE2199 Black/Polarized Grey One
4.Versace Man Sunglasses, Gold Lenses Metal Frame

Rember these are the basic and atleast things you should own. First go for these and then plan for the rest. You can always experiment with the above listed things. Mix and match and if you do it well it will always look good
Also there are some abvious thing which I have not mentioned above as they are abvious like your belts shirts etc. I guess you already own one and if not you are not from our world.

11. Plain t-shirt

mens Capsule wardrobe

plain, short sleeved t-shirt is an essential because they’re super comfortable, timeless, and everyone wears them. Now whether you need a crew neck or v-neck t-shirt is dependent on a few factors that I’ll get into later on in this article. If you’re like most of my clients, you’re probably wearing a t-shirt or polo shirt most of the time, so let’s make sure you look amazing in them. Before we get into that, though, I have a few bones to pick with men in regards to their t-shirts. They completely crap the bed in a few ways:
Their shirts are full of logos.
They don’t fit properly.
The fabric is too thin, shiny, or worn out.
A horrible combination of the above

Some Dressing Tips For Men Casual Wardrobe

You need to know 7 basic and inexpensive hacks to dress well and make heads turn hi we also got an article about movies for men and books for men. (I can’t believe I am writing an answer to this question, but I have learnt a lot in the last 4.5 years.)

TIP#1: You need only 4 shirts.

man’s Capsule wardrobe

very man should own a white shirt. Other than that, also buy a black, light blue, and royal blue shirt. 1.The shirts should be monochrome (single color). No funky prints, just plain colors.
2.If you are an Indian man, invest only in 5–6 shirts of these color, which are of price greater than Rs. 1500. Below that, the quality simply bad. It’s economically better than buying 10 shirts of Rs. 900.
4.Prefer slim-fit shirts over regular-fit shirt

TIP#2: If you are not toned, don’t wear t-shirts.

1. T-shirts look good on people who have a good body and toned muscles.
1.Very few people fall in the ideal toned category.
2.So, if you are skinny or have a belly, either way, t-shirts will expose that.
3.But, who wants to wear a formal shirt?
4.That’s where, short shirts come in.

TIP#3: Turn your shirt into a short-shirt and roll up your sleeves.

man’s Capsule wardrobe

Tucked in shirts look very formal. Wear your shirts over your trousers. If the length is not right, go to your tailor and get it cut length wise, so that it reaches a little below your waist. If you want to look a bit formal, just tuck them in, although because of short length, you might need to adjust from time to time.

TIP#4: Learn to correctly roll up your sleeves.

man’s Capsule wardrobe

The most elegant way to roll up your sleeve is this way:
1- Pull the flipped cuff all the way to just below your elbow without folding, turning the sleeve inside out as it goes.
2 - Take the bottom of the inside-out portion and fold it up until it traps the bottom of the cuff.

TIP#5: Grow a beard.

man’s Capsule wardrobe

Not exactly a dressing hack, but it will alter your appearance.
Beards accentuate your jawline and makes it look sharper you should check out our article about Men's beard styles without Mustache.
Think of how women use eyeliner to draw their eyes with “sharper” lines, your beard is your natural makeup and you can define your jaw to make it look the way you want.
Best bet, is to give it a angular jawline. This can be tricky to get right at home. So, visit a good saloon for the first time.

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