How To Look More Manly & Masculine

How To Look More Manly & Masculine

Not All Men Look Masculine Or Manly But Don't Worry it is natural not all man are born masculine or manly that is why We Have Made For You the 10 Tips And Secrets For Men To Look More Manly & Masculine Right Now easy steps that anyone can follow with little to no worry or effort you too can look and become more masculine and manly right now lets now start with some questions you might have

The first thing - stop caring too much about looking manly. The less you will care about what others think about you, and the more comfortable you will feel about yourself, the manlier you will look.

The second thing - you must love yourself and believe in yourself, and treat yourself accordingly. That means that you buy yourself a good looking, posh and fitting clothing not to impress others, but you deserve to look good for your own eyes. The same goes for your body and physical exercise - convince yourself to do it not to please others, but to enjoy your wellbeing, enjoy your good looks yourself, and to enjoy a good health.

All the other things that you can do depends very much on your taste - if they make you feel good, they are fine for your manliness, believe it. Whether it is a bushy ard, or a nice watch, or a motorcycle, does not matter, what matters is how do you feel about it. It is about you and your ego.

10 Tips To Look More Manly and Masculine

Easy enough as it all comes down to impressions and impressions are all about the appearance of confidence and manliness. Even the most babyfaced person in this world can appear very manly and attractive. It’s not about looks, it’s all about attitude.

So, to look more manly you have first to decide, what kind of man do you want to be. What are your interests? What makes you who you are? What are your positive attributes? What would you want to improve? How can you improve it? Be honest with yourself and kind. You can’t be perfect, you can’t change who you are fundamentally, but you absolutely can be become the best version of yourself. So start getting there. It’s an effort, but it’s effort well spent.

Meanwhile use first impression tricks to your advantage. If you appear all insecure, lacking and timid, you will have a hard time at looking manly. So pretend to be confident until you become more confident. I call it the fake it until you make it approach. Here in 10 steps.

1. Go To The Gym
A man cant just sit at home and Watch Movies An intense workout filled with heavy weights, body weight exercises, and different forms of challenging your body will put you into your masculine faster than almost anything else. Vigorous exercise gives you an endorphin rush, a boost of testosterone production, and allows you to sweat out all of your stresses if you decide to go to the jym you should have an Gym Bag

The PRIMARY reason for the body to keep its muscle is the work that has to be done with it. and for normal routine jobs like lifting your coffee mug to drink coffee or using to legs to climb the metro stair or to lift the shoulder muscles when removing your laptop bag, it just doesnt need so much high maintance while functioning with a lower energy state. All the body wants is to SURVIVE! Plus Going to the Gym will make you more manly but if you also take a walk with some Good Shoes

2. Boost Your Testosterone
Exercise is one of the most effective ways to prevent many lifestyle-related diseases. Interestingly, it can also boost your testosterone. A large review study found that people who exercised regularly had higher testosterone levels. In the elderly, exercise increases testosterone levels, fitness and reaction time (15Trusted Source, 16Trusted Source). New research in obese men suggests that increased physical activity was even more beneficial than a weight loss diet for increasing testosterone levels (17Trusted Source).

Resistance training, such as weight lifting, is the best type of exercise to boost testosterone in both the short- and long-term (18Trusted Source, 19Trusted Source).
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can also be very effective, although all types of exercise should work to some extent (18Trusted Source, 19Trusted Source, 20Trusted Source, 21Trusted Source, 22Trusted Source). Taking caffeine and creatine monohydrate as supplements may further boost your levels when combined with a training program (23Trusted Source, 24Trusted Source).

3.Make Your Voice Deeper

Pitch is one trait that gives a voice a lot of its masculinity. Men tend to speak with a lower pitch and much less pitch variation than women do. So I would aim to speak more slowly, with a lower and flatter tone.
a lot of people speak in a higher voice than they really should - something Morgan Freeman also talks about. [1]You might be surprised to find how much deeper you can get your voice through strengthening your neck muscles, breathing and sitting/standing properly, loosening your larynx and hydrating yourself well.

4. Groom and style yourself in the right way
How To Look More Manly Groom

Besides feeling and behaving like a man you should not to forget to also Groom your facial hair like a men. So many boys and men have lost control of their appearance, or their drive to maintain a self-respecting image that radiates confidence and command.

To me and this is my personal opinion, cultivating and maintaining a masculine appearance doesn’t mean growing a large beard, sporting a high and tight haircut, wearing a flannel with some type of work boots, and smelling of fresh cut cedar. The stereotypical definition of manliness cannot be aptly applied to categorize an entire gender in appearance, since masculinity may be defined by a plethora of different appearances and beard styles you can check out our Best Beard Styles Without Mustache or if you have thin hair Best Men hairstyle for Thin Hair

However, there are still many basic guidelines to help men gain an outward aura of masculinity, which have often been forgotten, overlooked, or even ignored.

5. Body Language
How To Look More Manly & Masculine body language
The kind which is SUBCONSCIOUSLY portrayed while being masculine and confident. If we told you specifically what to do, it wouldn't come across as masculine or confident; it would come across as awkward and contrived.

But, if you're looking for potentially awkward and contrived masculine confident body language, you can try:

1.sitting with your legs apart (comfortably)

2.looking directly in the eye when you speak or listen to someone

3.ending your statements as statements, and not with an upturn at the end like a question

4.carrying heavy things (only if it's appropriate)

5.being decisive and unwavering when presented with a choice

6.picking up the check, decisively; and if she offers respond politely "absolutely not" and don't let it drag out

7.give her a (sincere) compliment (confidence pays attention to others not just self)

8.have healthy posture

have some say in the direction of the conversation, don't just go with the flow/don't just respond to questions which are asked of you be funny

6. Stand and move like a man
How To Look More Manly & Masculine
When you walk, stand straight up with your chin parallel to the ground. Imagine that there is a fishing hook pulling your rib cage up, and pull your shoulder blades back. This will make you look and feel more confident.

A good way to learn is to watch actors do it in movies. Watch some of the James Bond movies, or something like Crazy, Stupid, Love etc...Compare the confident characters with the more shy ones, and you'll quickly realize how different their walks/stances are.

Your bad posture comes because you have not interacted much with your muscles.

Just take a minute of your day and try to feel all the muscles in your core area, biceps, triceps, calves, butt etc by squeezing them and feel them getting heated as you exert pressure on them.
After this, run only for a minute and if you feel like running more then do so. But atleast a minute is compulsory.

7.Be Confidence
WE all now that Confidence is the absence of self-doubt, or a belief in ones abilities and self-worth that is why confidents is essential for being more manly .

Confidence is so fundamentally important in life as it underpins one, your whole decision making process, and two, the way you interact and relate with other people.

Someone without confidence, who show they have doubt present, will often find that other people, in work and personal situations, will be less likely to place merit in their ideas and abilities, no matter how good they may actually be.

At times, being certain and confident in oneself, and backing the decisions you make, is even more important than the particular course of action taken itself. Confidence goes to the heart of ones felling of self worth.

8. Take responsibility
You don’t become responsible by virtue of birth but responsibility is a quality that is achieved over time like making your wardrobe you can read our article about How to Make an Casual Wardrobe this is the first step.

responsibility is a skill that dependent solely on you. You choose your own life and make your decisions. Being responsible can be a tedious and demanding task. It encompasses a whole lot of activities such as organization. Certain traits make one responsible because a man

Because a man does not run away from challenges he becomes responsible responsibility is one of the most important qualities of being a man because if you are responsible people around you like you more and you gain more trust here are some steps to be more responsible in life :

1. Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

2. be happy

3. Feel calm and confident

4 Look for the good in people and not the bad

5. stop complaining not criticize

7. face your chhallanges

8. Live in the present and not in the past

9. Clothes
Clothes that make you look like you're not trying TOO HARD
The most obvious one is a Watch or a Celvin Klein Belt, Men Wallet but i'm just thinking of other ways to look manly and I realised that it kind of depends on your physique and your personality. I don't know how you carry yourself, but if a guy is well built and he wears a t-shirt, he'll look manly because of all the muscles.

If a guy is thin, he's MORE LIKELY to look like a hipster when he wears checkered shirts as opposed to a well built guy.

It's hard because guys don't have it as easy as women - girls can just wear frills if they want to look 'more girly,' but guys don't really have a manly colour (except dark colours) but you also could wear Glasses.

I think black is a good look. Just DON'T WEAR SKINNY JEANS - a lot of young guys wear skinny jeans even though their legs aren't long/thin and it makes them look bad. This sounds like fat shaming, but I'm just saying I don't think it will help attract any girls if you wear them. You need to wear something that fits WELL, not JUST tight.

10. Face Expressions
Now lastly is Face Expressions Something that definitely helps is to get a masculine haircut. One of the more popular haircuts for guys right now is having short, buzzed hair on the sides and longer on top. Try to get the sideburns and neck area squared off. I know it’s tempting to shave your whole head, but I would advise against it - pre-T at least, it can bring out a more feminine face shape.

A facial excercise that I learned to make a more masculine jawline, and stretch vocal chords (stretching and relaxing vocal chords is one of the keys to a deeper voice) is: Jut out your jaw to make an underbite. Sit up straight and tilt your face, still with the underbite, up to the ceiling. Hold for 10–15 seconds. Repeat 4–5 times. You can do this as you like. I recommend not using any sort of makeup - even filling in your eyebrows. Even the slightest bit looks like, well, makeup - which is very strongly engraved in the minds of others as feminine (dumb stereotype, I know). As natural as possible looks more masculine. However, do what you enjoy! Makeup is cool. Keeping your hair a natural color helps a lot with masculinity. Although dyed hair looks really cool, you don’t really notice a lot of guys that have neon green hair amirite

If Nothing Works
Try to find someone in your life or in popular media you who really respect and admire. Try to figure out what it is about the person (and not just their looks, wealth or fame) that is really admirable. Then see those qualities in yourself. You will only really look like a man if you are a man on the inside.

Now our Conclusion is that not all man are manly some have more manly in them than others but these 10 tips and steps that we gave you can make you look and be more manly Thanks for Reading We appreciate it we have other articles in our site too about men and style check these out.

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